Quick Profile: Suzanne Swan

Born in Canada, Suzanne Swan travelled extensively and lived in England, Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries. In 1988, when she visited Turkey as a self described “typical accidental tourist with preconceived ideas about Turkey,” she was dazzled by what this country had to offer and decided to live and write in Turkey experiencing the culture to its fullest. After mastering Turkish as a language and working as a foreign correspondent, bureau chief and correspondent for various publications unrelated to food, in 1999 she was asked to write the original “Eyewitness Travel: Turkey” for Dorling-Kindersley as a sole author. Many travel books and guides followed and she soon came to observe a void that existed in Turkey for specifically food-related books, and especially the lack of any book about Turkey’s unique and stunning array of cheeses. She is the author of “The Treasury of Turkish Cheeses” (Türkiye’nin Peynir Hazineleri), in addition to "Spas and Hot Springs of Turkey," a book on Turkey’s many geothermal hot springs (Türkiye’nin Spaları ve Termal Kaynakları) and a recently published cultural handbook on Turkey published by Berlitz/Insight Guides.

Turkish Cheese: A World of Cheese Waiting to be Discovered

Suzanne Swan who wrote the book on Turkish cheese says, Turks are “not curious or passionate when it came to their own cheeses. All these beautiful cheeses are mostly unknown around the country.” So she made it her mission to go exploring this unknown world of Turkish cheese, all around Turkey. Here is our interview with Mrs. Swan about her cheese adventures and interesting discoveries on this mission.