Some Helpful Notes Before We Start

  1. In parenthesis next to the name of each cheese, when possible, the English name of the cheese will be provided, especially if it is sold outside of Turkey.

  2. Peynir or Peyniri means “cheese” or “cheese of” in Turkish. You will note that many of the Turkish names of cheeses end with that word.

  3. Many cheeses are recognized with and named after the name of the city of the region where they are made.

Turkish Cheese: A World of Unknown and Delightful Tastes

As one would expect, a country of agriculture and husbandry like Turkey also has a good selection of cheeses. However, in the world of cheese already exciting and full of adventures with varieties and wonderful tastes like French brie, Spanish manchego and more, Turkish cheese often gets overlooked. Many know about the white cheese (also known in Turkish as beyaz peynir) but many other regional specialties go unrecognized. In this new series dedicated to Turkish cheese, we hope to bring you a bit closer to this country’s wonderful cheese varieties and how they are made and enjoyed by its countrymen. Ready to explore?

Want More on Turkish Cheese?
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