Rengin Suar in Her Own Words

I am a professional licensed taster. I spent many years of my youth in Ayvalik (Bay of Edremit) which produces the best olive oil in the Eastern Mediterranean. So, I have an old relationship with the magnificent olive tree. I taste and seek the best olive oil of the region. I actively observe the harvest and the processing of the olive oil as well as its storage throughout the region. Since I don't own trees or a production facility, as an independent taster, I have the opportunity to choose the best tasting lot in the area.

An Essential Course, A Category of its Own in Turkish Cooking: Olive Oil Dishes

Turkish cuisine is the only cuisine in the world, that has a unique category dedicated to dishes made with olive oil. “Olive Oil Dishes” or “Zeytinyağlılar” in Turkish are healthy and vegetarian side dishes that can be served with anything from lamb to chicken or decorate a rich mezze table for a meal to be enjoyed for hours.

Foods of Turkey is pleased to announced its new recipe series dedicated to “olive oil dishes” of Turkish cuisine. Over the next several weeks, we will be bringing you recipes of various vegetable or side dishes that highlight the importance of good olive oil, and expand your horizons for a new course you will convinced to include in your menus going forward. How can you resist healthy and vegetarian dishes that are also easy to create at home?