Filiz Hösükoğlu
Read our interview with Filiz, a native of Gaziantep, a food researcher and writer as she tells us about Gaziantep, one of the top culinary cities in Turkey: “Many researchers coming to Turkey already have high expectations and they are still surprised with what they find here; the richness of the ingredients as well as cooking techniques, the variety in flavors and especially the Turkish hospitality they come across when they are presented with dishes and specialties cooked at Turkish homes.../../../../Learn/Entries/2010/5/27_Interview__Filiz_Hosukoglu.html

A folk story tells it all..

“One day, Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey came to visit Gaziantep. As expected from the world famous Turkish hospitality, he was served a generous meal featuring many of the regional specialties. As he completed his meal, it was time for a foamy cup of Turkish coffee. He said, “Bring a cup of coffee now, but make sure it doesn’t have pistachios.” “

We can’t verify the historical accuracy of this folk story. However, it does say a lot about how extensively pistachios are used in Gaziantep’s cooking. These emerald colored nuts with their distinct character appear in every dish, from appetizer to dessert, soup to kebab, giving these regional dishes a unique flavor and dimension that is difficult, if not impossible, to replicate anywhere else.

by Filiz Hosukoglu