Nutritious and Friendly for Your Body

Bulgur has more fiber than rice or couscous (3) (5) and also has less fat and calories than the brown rice (6) many of us love and adore. Here is how Dr. Bayram from the University of Gaziantep, Department of Food Engineering describes these impressive nutritional characteristics: “The amount of protein in bulgur averages 12% to 15%. Rich in B-vitamins, iron, phosphorous and manganese, .., additionally bulgur is a good source of folic acid. ” (3)

Gaziantep: A Culinary Center as the Major Supplier of Bulgur

Turkey is the top bulgur producer in the world with 70% of the country’s bulgur coming from Gaziantep, a city on the southeastern part of Anatolia. (3) (7) It is not surprising to see many of the bulgur dishes we feature on EAT are also specialties of Gaziantep, a city often highlighted as one of the most important culinary centers of Turkey.

Want to test a few recipes with this ingredient? Check out EAT. Here is one: 
Mercimek Köfte (Bulgur and Lentil Patties) ../../../../Eat/Entries/2010/2/23_Recipe__Red_Lentil_Squeeze_%28Mercimek_Koftesi%29.html

Here is another one:  Bulgur Salad (Kısır)