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Teachers, writers and stories of the Turkish cuisine and its history...

For LEARN, we reviewed many Turkish cookbooks in English, took cooking and shopping classes, workshops, talked to Turkish chefs and investigated the history and stories behind this rich cuisine to help you appreciate this country’s cuisine and its history a bit more. Share and savor.


Turkish for a Day!

Announcing our new series on LEARN! We want your personal essays and experiences about Turkish cuisine. Tell us your story and experiences with Turkish food at!


An Tour of London’s Turkish Neighborhoods with Önder Sahan, one of London’s Most Influential Turkish Restauranteurs.

Filiz Hösükoğlu, a culinary researcher and author takes us to Gaziantep, home of Baklava and Pistachios

Paula Wolfert’s “The Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean”

A whopping approval for Turkish Wine from International Wine Experts and Masters of Wine

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay learning how to make dolma and börek?

Hande Bozdogan:

An Interview and a Video Walk in the streets of Istanbul and meet Hande Bozdogan on Press TV.


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