With this article, we are proud to be kicking off a new series aimed to introduce you to unique, stunning, unusual parts and locations of Turkey, starting with the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  Turkey has a good share of UNESCO sites in its vast history and strategic location. UNESCO has 11 Turkish sites inscribed as the World Heritage Site and 41 tentatively listed.  We start our exploration of these sites with the Valley of Göreme, otherwise also known as Kapadokya (Cappadocia), located in the heart of Central Anatolia.  Stunning rock formations are only part of the story here. Find out more here, about the history, the cuisine, unique travel tips and more.

The science of the extraordinary rock formations of Kapadokya

Curious about the story of how these strange rock formations came about? Here is the science behind the story:

In this volcanic region, a layer of lava that covered a softer soil formed a strong, harder surface. Over centuries, the soil below the volcanic rock started eroding due to natural forces like wind and rain, leaving the lava rock as a cap on top of a cone like formation. Eventually, when the bottom tower structure could no longer carry the volcanic top, the volcanic rock top fell off. This is the story of how these stunning rock formations called “fairy chimneys”, otherwise also known as “hoodoos” came about with nature at work for over 3 million years!

Coming soon....

We have exciting news! Soon, we will explore the cuisine of Kapadokya with recipes and drinks from the local experts. Do you want to know more, cook and taste some of these recipes at home, and wonder what is to drink and what is so unique in the region?  We will also bring you travel tips on your next visit to the region, to make sure you’re getting the best of it! Join us here at Foods of Turkey!


Name: Valley of Göreme, Cappadocia (Kapadokya), City of Nevşehir, located in Central Anatolia

Date of Unesco Inscription: 1985

Getting there and nearest cities: Kayseri, Ankara and Konya are the Central Anatolian cities with airports, that enable easy access to the region

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