Quick Profile:  Chef Ali Ronay

Chef Ali Ronay, Chef de Cuisine at The Ritz Carlton in Istanbul, started his culinary journey five years ago. When he came to the United States for his high school education, he was very intrigued about the kitchen arts programs in the US. He later chose hotel management as his field of study, and took on kitchen arts at l’Institut Paul Bocuse during his university years. 

Chef Ronay states, he has no desire to improve or change the Ottoman and Turkish classical cuisines and recipes. Instead, he wants to create a contemporary restaurant cuisine that uses local and seasonal ingredients and is based on the traditions of these cuisines.  His mission is to introduce and promote the rich variety and seasonality of products in Turkey to the rest of the world. 

Chef Ronay’s favorite food is lamb.

Recipes from Chef Ronay

Two fabulous recipes from Chef Ronay will challenge your cooking skills but ultimately make you say, “It was all worth it”!

From kebabs to stews.. Irreplaceable red meat of Turkish Cuisine: Lamb

Sheep herding dogs are part of the family and a cow is perhaps the family’s most valuable asset in many small villages across Anatolia. Tight communities in these little towns surely understand and appreciate what it means to feed yourself and your family with what you grow. In a country where agriculture is one of the most important sources of income for a significant portion of the population, many make a living through animal husbandry. Country’s sheep, goat and lamb not only feed its own countrymen but also make up a good portion of its exports to other countries. These economic reasons have also influenced the Turkish kitchen and its choices for meat. Among the most popular and irreplaceable red meats of the Turkish cuisine is lamb. Lamb köfte (meatballs) with some cacık or piyaz, lamb stews and kebabs show up on the tables of many households and in the menus of many Turkish restaurants.