A great Mediterranean mezze table is like a giant menu degustation. One has the opportunity to sample a whole slew of delicious foods at will: rustic red beans simmered in olive oil; grilled chicken with crackling skin, perfumed with the flavors of garlic and lemon; purees enriched with sesame seeds, nuts, and oils; pastries in all shapes and sizes, stuffed with meat, poultry, and cheese, and seasoned with sweet spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice or with fresh herbs’ crunchy fritters of mussels or fish served with a heady garlic-flavored sauce; mounds of olives in all colors ans sizes; sweet-and-sour strips of carrots, onions, or leeks, served cool and garnished with fresh herbs and pickled cabbage. The list goes on and on.”, Paula Wolfert from “The Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean”, Page 11. (Photo courtesy of the Turkish Tourism Bureau)

Quick Profile: Paula Wolfert

The author Paula Wolfert is a recipient of various awards like Julia Child Award, James Beard award and more, and author of many food and recipe books, most about the Mediterranean cuisines. Her most recent book, “Mediterranean Clay Pot Cooking”, was released in October of 2009.  She is a well known name among the food researchers in Turkey due to her extensive local research and reach.

Paula Wolfert’s book highlights bulgur as one of the core ingredients of the region. Check out bulgur recipes on EAT:
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