I love cooking, eating and writing about it. Recently, I met someone just like me, and many other foodies out there.  She is an expert on Turkish food, pursued her passion with extensive training, and has a lot to say about how and where to enjoy it in Turkey.

Chef Hande Bozdogan is a successful business woman, a chef by training, an economist, a travel and food writer.  She is also the founder of Istanbul Culinary Institute. In this interview, she shared with us her personal journey in the world of food, her vision for her culinary institution, her preferences and tips on Turkish cooking and her interesting discoveries from her research on the foods of Turkey.  

Quick Profile: Hande Bozdoğan

Hande Bozdogan is a chef by training, the Founder of the Istanbul Culinary Institute (IstCI) in Turkey and the author of two books on Turkish food. 

Before opening IstCI, as an economist by training but inspired by New York’s gastronomy scene and the international cuisines in this versatile city, Chef Bozdogan decided to pursue her passion in life and got her culinary diploma at the French Culinary Institute.

Her favorite Turkish dish is cracked wheat pilaf, her favorite ingredients cinnamon and artichokes.

Her book, “Flavours of the Street, Istanbul”, see below, is about the disappearing street food varieties across Turkey. She is in the process of internationally launching her most recent book, Contemporary Istanbul Cuisine, a compilation of input and recipes from over 30 chefs and the Istanbul Culinary Institute.

Read more about the classes and culinary tours of Istanbul Culinary Institute../../2009/12/1_Istanbul_Culinary_Institute.html

Above, Hande Bozdogan’s Book on the Street Foods of Turkey

Walk in the streets of Istanbul discovering various Turkish street foods.See Hande describe in her own words her research on the street foods of Turkey and her vision behind the Istanbul Culinary Institute, on this video interview from Press TV.