Welcome to our series on Turkish Chefs! Through these articles and the tips, tricks and recommendations directly from our cuisine’s experts, we hope to bring you closer to the secrets of this rich cuisine.

Chef Fehmi Samanci was recently in New York City to teach a class on Turkish cuisine at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE). He lives in Istanbul and teaches at the Istanbul Culinary Institute. Here are his views on eating and cooking Turkish food. 

Quick Profile: Fehmi Samanci

Fehmi Samanci is a chef and instructor at the Istanbul Culinary Institute in Turkey. After finishing his undergraduate degree in Economics, he decided to pursue a degree in Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts at Northern Virginia Community College in Virginia, USA.  Upon completing his studies at NOVA CC, Chef Samanci worked at various restaurants in Virginia and eventually returned to Turkey to pursue his interest in Turkish cuisine. He worked at Kanyon Konyali and Marriott Hotel Asia in Istanbul before joining the Istanbul Culinary Institute as a Chef Instructor in 2008.

Among his favorite dishes are etli dolma, stuffed vine leaves with meat filling, and octopus. His future plans include opening a restaurant in a small town along the coast of Aegean or Mediterranean seas.  Chef Samanci lives in Istanbul with his wife.

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