Pastırma:  What is it?

Pastırma” is the name given to Turkish pastrami, a version of spicy, cured dry beef.  The spicy paste that covers the cured beef is called “çemen” in Turkish. The city of Kayseri located in the center of Anatolia is famous for its pastırma and is a major producer of this Turkish delicacy. Popular dishes made with this ingredient include eggs, beans, Turkish pizza/pide and of course, börek, savory pastry with cheese. 


Turkish thin, single phyllo (filo) pastry sheet

Turkish Pastrami/ Pastirma (10-12 slices)

Kasseri (Kaşar) cheese (2-3 cups)

Yolk of one egg

Tomato (1/2 medium, optional)

Red Pepper Flakes (optional)

Frying oil (vegetable or sunflower oil)

(These measurements are for 1 pre-layered sheet of frozen filo dough. But feel free to adjust if you like your pastries to have more or less filling or if you want to make more pieces.)

Competition: Tell us about Your Börek!

We want to know about your fabulous creations at home!!   Tell us about your savory pastry made with phyllo (filo) dough and get featured on Foods of Turkey!  Be creative, be adventurous but be practical!