Turkish Savory Pastries:

Anyone who knows anything about Turkish cuisine or has been to at least one Turkish restaurant has certainly had a taste of a börek (burekh) and, cigar or cigarillo börek is the one they usually remember. This recipe is the first in our series on savory pastries from the Turkish cuisine. They are easy, they are delicious and they are delightful for entertaining. Your guests will certainly remember these pastries! Serving them at tea time will be well received by all your guests, Turkish or not!

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We continue to feature other recipes for savory boreks on EAT. One we recently prepared for you was made with Turkish spicy cured pastrami. It is called “Paçanga” in Turkish (read as pah-chan-gah) which, I just found out, means party in Spanish. This crispy, exciting börek will certainly create a party in your mouth!


Feta Cheese (Crumbled, two cups)

(You can also use shredded kashkaval or mozzarella cheese for this recipe.)
Parsley (Flat leaf, coarsely chopped)

Triangular Filo Dough Pastry Sheets (1/2 of a bag)
(If frozen, make sure to defrost it in the fridge overnight.)
Egg (1, optional)
Egg (for the yolk, optional)
Black Pepper
Sunflower oil (you can also use vegetable oil) for frying

Always serve börek with:

Turkish Tea!