You didn’t use all your apricots and wondering what to do with them? Well, eat them as dried fruit for a healthy snack, or cook them with lamb for a naturally sweetened stew.  Whatever you choose to do with them, they won’t go to waste, while you wait for the sun filled fresh apricots to arrive in the markets again.


Sugar (White or brown, 3 tbsp)

Dried Turkish Apricots (20)

Pistachios (unsalted, 1/4 cup crushed or handful with shells)

Sweet cream (1.5 cups, kaymak, Turkish cream or heavy whipping cream) 

If you use other types of cream like mascarpone or creme fraiche, make sure what you use is sweet cream and not sour, and it is dense, not watery. Also, don’t try to skimp by getting low fat!