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Chefs Greg Malouf, Bulent Metin, Fehmi Samanci will soon share with you their recipes, inspirations and tips on Turkish cooking, on EAT.  Test their recipes in your home kitchen and let us how you like them!../../../Eat.html
Turkish cuisine’s vast variety of unpretentious seafood dishes..
A few weeks back, we published an interview with Australian Chef and Author Greg Malouf on LEARN. We learned that our chef of Lebanese descent explored Turkish cuisine as he traveled Turkey and tasted various specialties of our cuisine on location. He then made Turkish cuisine his own by creating his own variations and interpretations of the classics as well as his inspirations from his trip, publishing them in an exquisite book. Here is one recipe from this book and Greg, along with how it was inspired.  The recipe previously appeared in “Turquoise: A Chef’s Travels in Turkey” RRP $75 published by Hardie Grant.../../../../Learn/Entries/2010/10/16_Interview__Greg_Malouf.html