Clicking sound of that tea cup...

This sound woke me up, for many years, when I was growing up in Turkey. I would hear that sound, as my dad stirred his cup of tea, watching television on Sunday mornings. I would get up excited, because soon after, I would be watching my favorite cartoon show followed by a children’s movie on this Sunday morning while I had a delicious breakfast with Turkish tea.  Sometimes with sucuk! Sundays took a whole new meaning; it was time of comfort, time of family, and not worrying about homework or anything else. It was time for “me”, it was all about breakfast and my favorite pass time. While we had breakfast, my mom would start preparing lunch, filling in manti (Turkish ravioli) for us. Can the day get any better?

Shopping for Turkish Food in New York?
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Manhattan’s “Bakkals”
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Gulluoglu Cafe

Güllüoğlu Cafe had its opening only about a year ago but it is certainly not having any trouble filling its tables.  Where else can you enjoy such a rich selection of Turkish boreks, (puff savory pastries), and simit (sesame covered Turkish version of a bagel), and simply have the opportunity to feel like you just walked into a pastry shop in Turkey as soon as you walk through that door? Cute and friendly service staff make you feel at home and never leave your Turkish tea glass empty.  Its Sultan breakfast with a side order of egg with Turkish sucuk is surely unforgettable while it is a energy boost for a full day.  Once you see the menu with Turkish çılbır (poached eggs in yogurt), Turkish flat bread and many more specialties you wouldn’t easily find anywhere else, you will start planning your choices for your next breakfast here at Gulluoglu.  Lately, it has become a hobby for me to come here, order a rich Turkish breakfast and mix breakfast with lunch, while I catch up on the day’s news.  Gulluoglu makes you wish every meal is breakfast!

Gulluoglu Cafe is located at 982 2nd Avenue (Corner of 52nd Street and 2nd Avenue) in Manhattan.  Breakfast plate here costs between $8.95-$9.95, and fried egg with sucuk about $6.95-$8.95,  Turkish borek (savory pastries) with a variety of fillings is $2.95-$4.5, and the Turkish simit covered with sesame seeds $2.5.  You can also find gozleme here, (flat breads) with a variety of fillings for $5.50.

Masal Cafe

Summer’s hot, sticky weather made us miss the cooling breezes of Istanbul and the Mediterranean.  My aunt, may she rest in peace, was always hot, so we kept looking for breezy tea houses and locations for her whenever she joined us for a traditional Turkish tea time.  My dear aunt; we found just the cool spot for you, with the best views!  You would like Masal Cafe. Masal Cafe is located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.  With a variety of freshly made gözleme’s (Turkish stuffed flat bread) stuffed with spinach, ground beef or Turkish cheese or a full breakfast plate, accompanied by a delicious glass of Turkish tea, this breakfast is just for you and me.  Tables outside, with the views of the water and fishing boats complete the meal. For a more filling breakfast,

If you are in the neighborhood, make sure to also visit the local Turkish grocery stores, walk along the famous Brighton Beach avenue with its Russian stores, shops and restaurants and of course, stroll along the boardwalk of the Coney Island beach, also a theme park of unusual characters and a piece of history of New York. 

Masal Cafe is located at 1901 Emmons Avenue (Sheepshead Bay), Brooklyn, New York.  If you don’t have a car to get there, the metro line B will take you to Sheepshead Bay in less than half hour without any transfer required. Breakfast plate with omelette here costs about $12, gözleme about $5, and Turkish tea, $1.5-$2.5 depending on the size.

Turkish Kitchen

Not only the Turkish clientele but also the rest of New York have heard about the grand breakfast buffet at Turkish kitchen.  It certainly deserves its reputation.  Served only on the weekends, the Turkish brunch includes a rich collection of Turkish traditional menu items, a generous spread of a variety of mezzes in addition to a full Turkish breakfast.  With presentation deliciously appetizing, crowds fill the restaurant on the weekends, and you can go on eating for hours, from breakfast to lunch to afternoon tea, once seated.  Not only will you get a chance to taste various specialties and mezzes of the Turkish cuisine, you will also get to experience a true-to-its-original Turkish breakfast in this rich buffet.  The tastes make the queues worthwhile. Come with an appetite but also an empty stomach.

Turkish Kitchen is located at 386 Third Avenue (close to 28th Street), New York. Sunday Brunch has two seatings; one from 11:00 to 1:00 pm and the second from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. The prix fix brunch costs $21.95 plus tax and tip and rsvp is suggested.

Meltem Cervantes

This article has been translated from an article published on Hurriyet, a prominent Turkish newspaper. To see the Turkish version of this article, click here.

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Turkish Breakfast at Home
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