(4 person)

2 eggplants

1 cup of dried kadayif (shredded dough)

1 cup of flour

1 clove of garlic, minced

3 eggs

Bunch of parsley

Bunch of scallions

1 cup of fine bread crumbs (or galeta unu)

Salt and pepper to taste

Pinch of nutmeg

Pinch of allspice

Sunflower oil for frying

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“While the eggplant is unquestionably king in Turkish cooking, the Turks, in fact, use a veritable cornucopia of vegetables. Which is not surprising really, when you consider that Turkey’s vast landmass covers a diverse range of geographical terrains and climates - from the sun-kissed Mediterranean to lush valleys and mountain pastures and the fertile plains of central Anatolia.

Lucy and Greg Malouf, “Turquoise, A Chef’s Travels in Turkey”

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Chef Somer Sivrioglu says eggplant “is THE vegetable in Turkish cuisine” in this interview with ABC Sydney.
The chef and owner of Efendy in Sydney, goes on to describe his approach to making an artichoke dolma as he states how rich Turkish cuisine is with its extensive repertoire of vegetable dishes.