What is Turkish breakfast?

The very basic Turkish breakfast includes white sheep’s cheese, black olives, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, white or pita bread and of course, Turkish tea served in small, delicate glasses made specifically for this purpose.  But wherever you go these days, you are also likely to see a variety of jams, butter, other types of cheeses, perhaps bologna, and Turkish pepperoni called “sujuck” as well in buffet breakfasts.  Menemen or omelette is also made to order to make the breakfast even more filling. Tasty!!

If you are in New York and looking to experience a true-to-its-original Turkish breakfast, make sure to read this article.

More Turkish breakfast specialties? 
Another egg specialty of the Turkish breakfast is eggs in garlic yogurt or çılbır.  It is like eggs benedict, the Turkish way. Strange? Well, make it home and try it for yourself. Here is the recipe.../../2010/2/5_Recipe__Eggs_Benedict,_the_Turkish_Way_%28Clbr%29.html