Here is what Tim Atkin, Master of Wine and wine writer says in his blog, after his tastings of Turkish wine last month:

“The most exciting thing about Turkey is its native grapes, blessed with names like "ox's eye", "black from the small castle" and, best of all, "throat scraper". No one has done DNA analysis on them -- the Turks don't even know how extensive the country's vineyards are -- but these could well be some of the oldest varieties in the world.” Read his full blog entry here.

Here are also some of the favorites of the visiting wine experts from the 49 wines they tasted in the first group (1) (2):

    1. oOz Clarke, Pamukkale Trio Kırmızı 2007Charles Metcalfe, Kavaklıdere Pendore Boğazkere 2008

    2. oTim Atkin,  Doluca Kav Tuğra Kalecik Karası 2008, Vinkara Doruk Narince 2009, Vinkara Doruk Kalecik karası 2008, Pamukkale Trio Kırmızı 2007, Kayra Terra Kalecik Karası Roze 2009

    3. oSuzan Holme,  Kavaklıdere Pendore Boğazkere 2008

    4. oCaroline Gilby, Kavaklıdere Pendore Boğazkere 2008

    5. oStephan Brook, Corvus Crutürk 2005

    6. oDavid Furer, Doluca DLC Grenache 2008, Kavaklıdere Egeo Rose 2009, Doluca Signium 2007, Umurbey Sauvignon Blanc 2007

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During one blind tasting organized by Wines of Turkey, the following wines specifically got highest ratings and distinction (1) (2):

    1. o“Kavaklıdere Pendore Boğazkere 2008” was rated the highest rated with 17 points and “excellent” rating.

    2. o“Vinkara Doruk Narince 2009”, got a rating of 15.83 out of 20 and was rated the best out of 12 white wines tasted with an overall rating of “good”.

    3. o“Kayra Terra Kalecik Karası Rose 2009”, received 16.5 out of three rose’s tasted and also got an “excellent” rating.

At the Veritas event, three wines got rated with points over 90 “excellent” (5):

    1. oProdom (Sevilen) Syrah-Cabernet Franc-Petit Verdot 2007 (91)

    2. oProdom (Sevilen) Syrah-Cabernet Franc-Petit Verdot 2006 (90)

    3. oMelen Madeira 1955 (94)

What is “Wines of Turkey (WOT)”?

  1. oA generic body representing the Turkish wine industry

  2. oMission: To promote the products of this industry and region (

  3. oMembers: Many of the top Turkish wine producers