Öküzgözü and Kalecik Karası are the celebrity grapes of Turkey.  Öküzgözü is mostly produced in Elazığ in Eastern Anatolia and Kalecik Karası from Ankara, Turkey’s capital in Central Anatolia.  Among the producers of red wines from these grapes are Kavaklidere, Doluca and Pamukkale.  See what Eric Cavatore, our sommelier has to say on 2007 Öküzgözü d’Elazig from Kavaklidere.

Tasting Notes: Wine information

Name: Yakut; Öküzgözü d’Elazig

Vintage: 2007

Grape(s): Okuzgozu

Region: Elazig, Eastern Anatolia

Producer: Kavaklidere

Alcohol level: 13%

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