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A chat over Turkish coffee, a gossip over Turkish tea...

From Turkish Raki to coffee or apple tea, your favorite drinks... DRINK brings you Turkish drinks, where to enjoy them, popular bars and cocktails of Turkey as well as some research on Turkish wines including important regions, grapes and producers.


Turkish Wines

Learn more about this  region and taste great wines with Eric Cavatore, a wine educator sommelier and critic:

  1. Tasting Notes: Egeo Series; Cab and Syrah

  2. Grapes and regions for Turkish wines

  3. Tasting Notes: Kalecik Karasi, 2005

  4. Tasting Notes: Egeo Series of Kavaklidere

  5. Tasting Notes: Narince de Tokat of Kavaklidere, 2006

  6. Tasting Notes: Cinsault de Thrace, 2006

  7. Tasting Notes: Angora Sultana de Denizli, 2007

  8. Tasting Notes: Carignan- Alicante 2005


Check out these practical recipes on EAT for a taste of Turkish cuisine at home:

  1. Bulgur Salad, Kısır

  2. Cacık Turkish Gazpacho

  3. Red Lentil Soup

  4. Green beans in olive oil

  5. Zucchini Pancakes

  6. Aah, Aah, Artichokes

  7. Barbunya, Red Beans

  8. Purslane as a salad

  9. Easy, delicious Leeks

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